ninja saga hunting house in english

In Ninja Saga, new feature, World Boss was added in the Hunting House last week. You have the chance to get magatama, items used to forge the new weapons in the blacksmith shop by beating these world bosses. And not long since the new feature added, some players in the official forum had mad e a guide on taking them. Including the stastics of the bosses, and their skills. Also strategies and tips are given at the end of the guide.
Hunting House – World Bosses

Gathered by Tsu27 in the official forum

* Located in the new “Hunting House”
* You’re able to hunt them once a day.
* There are 4 of them, 1 unlocked every 10 levels.
* They are much, much tougher than you at the level requirement to unlock them. It’s highly recommended to hunt them when you’ve gained a few more levels past the requirements.
* They have a chance to drop magatama, items used to forge the new weapons in the blacksmith shop. As well as weapons and clothing.
* They have INSANE amounts of HP and the bosses are completely resistant to STUNS.
* They deal high amounts of damage and are able to use AoE (Area of Effect) attacks and heal.
* The AoE attacks of the World bosses always target your character. If your character dodges it, your team won’t get hit. If your character gets hit, everyone gets hit.
* They tend to stick to certain “cycles” of attacks, varying slightly each attempt you fight them.
* A 3 man team is a must to complete these missions.


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