my character

Lvl: 80
pet: ponpoco, yamaru, hiragi, kisuke
Element: fire,earth,thunder
G: 1.237.769
T: 150.000
Kinjustu: fire power, hellfire, sexy woman transformation, embrace of golem, falling leaf illusion,hidden among rocks , rage of yama,armor of narukami , kizui kimama, falling feather illusion, lightning flash, lightning charge, golem protection

Secret Jutsu: secret amaterasu, secret sakura-ryu, secret dark curse ceremony, secret profusion of ghosts, secret death touch palm,

world boss weapons: Smelly banana, battle turtle kunai, bizen mutoh masamune

back item: snow flake, angel wings, gold wand, tensho compass, back item for sale ( shop ), blood evil gourd

talent: eye of mirror, hidden silhouette, explosive lava

Medical Class Ninja



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