ninja saga: clans

Joining a ClanEdit
You can join a Clan by sending request to clan leader, if he/she accepts you, you will be member of Clan.

Making a ClanEdit
You can simply make a Clan by paying 400 Tokens, – At ‘Clan’ upper right of the city, And choosing a name that is not taken.

Clan HallEdit
Congratulations. You have made a Clan, In the Clan Hall, You can find the Clans Name, Clan founder/Master, Reputation, Clan Gold, Announcements, Members List and History.

Clan BuildingsEdit
If you have enough money, You can upgrade your clan buildings – By paying 1,000,000.

Ramen Restaurant ; Level 1, + 10 Stamina every 30minutes, Level 2, +20, Level 3, +30.
Hot Springs ; Level 1, +30% HP, Level 2, +60%, Level 3 +90%
Temple ; Level 1, +30% CP, Level 2, +60%, Level 3 +90%
Training Hall ; Level 1, +30% Damage, Level 2 , +60%, Level 3 +90%

You can earn reputation by Fighting other clans in Clan Battle, Here you will see a list of other clans with around the same reputation as yours. You choose a clan, and click fight. Here you can choose 2 other members to help you fight the other clan, If you lose; you sometimes lose Reputation, But if you win you can also sometimes win Reputation. At the end of each month, You can win significant prizes if your Clan has the highest reputation. – Champion ; 3000 Saga Tokens, Tajitsu + Clothing (Customized Logo) – 1st Runners Up ; 2000 Saga Tokens + Clothing. 2nd Runners Up ; 1000 Saga Tokens + Clothing
Donating MoneyEdit
Members of your tribe and yourself, Can donate money to the Clan. Simply by clicking ‘Donate’ found firstly, When you enter the tribe, and Secondly when you click on the Clan Hall. Donating is a good way for the Clan to Level Up their Clan Buildings.


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