cheat ninja saga rare weapon

ninja saga cheat 7 Rare Weapon’s With C.E

ninja saga cheat tools : CheatEngine
Required : Lvl 13

1. run ninja saga mission lv13 Escape kriminal
2. you must get item Chakra Scroll (item10) or Healing Scroll (item11)
3. if not get it you must do the ninja saga mission again
4. if already get it CE…chose process
5. Value Type : Text
6. scan item10 if you get chakra scroll or item11 if you got healing scroll
7. address appear on left …click 2x…appear address in bottom…
8. change value to rare weapon code …
9. finish the mission …
10. reload ninja saga …

ninja saga Rare Wepon’s code :

wpn4 : Tonfa
wpn11 : Tailed Jutte
wpn34 : Lightning Sai
wpn8 : Tri-Star Shuriken
wpn17 : Dual Head Kunai
wpn48 : Bone Machete
wpn58 : Thick Broadsword


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